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WHO ARE WE? Northwest Radon Detection (NRD) is an Oregon-based company, established in 2013, to serve the home-inspection needs of Real Estate professionals. We offer short- and long-term, indoor-radon testing and consultation. Our Clients appreciate our professionalism, testing capacity, accurate reports, and ability to honor same-day-testing requests.  READ TESTIMONIALS.
WHAT IS A RADON DETECTIVE? Some of our most loyal Clients are Home Inspectors. And with the word detection in our name, it wasn't a great leap to begin calling our Radon-Inspection-Certified crew Radon Detectives.

Officially, Northwest Radon Detection, LLC, is licensed (#108303) by the National Radon Proficiency Program, which designates our fearless leader as an NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Professional. With an NRDP Radon Pro, your testing is performed according to the gold standard: the ANSI-AARST Standard for Conducting Radon Measurements Homes.
HOW DO YOU OFFER SAME-DAY SERVICE? Quick answer: Capacity and Coordination. We have enough state-of-the-art radon testing equipment to serve the real estate market in the greater Portland Oregon area. And because our detectives always carry extra radon detectors in the field, our longtime customers (realtors and home inspectors) know to Contact Us immediately for a new property. Often, we are able to add it to our radon detection route that day, or within 24 hours. Learn more about testing

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Our Digital Radon Detectors are fully AARST-NRPP certified for the North American market.
CAN ANYONE HIRE A RADON DETECTIVE?  That's an affirmative. If you want to know if a dwelling has radon gas, we can help. Most of our customers are Home Inspectors and Realtors, people who have a pressing reason to have a property certified for its radon levels. But as more Homeowners become aware of this silent danger and its potential to take up residency in family living spaces across America, we're doing more non-commercial radon sluething.

Note: NRD does not perform Radon Mitigation, but we can offer recommendations and website links: More Information NowCONTACT US.
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"[NRD] reports are reader friendly and Ted's happy to answer any questions regarding the results. I definitely recommend Ted and his services."

Zack Ostrom, Oregon Realty Company