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HOW DO YOU TEST FOR RADON? Though Radon has no color, taste, or smell, and gas levels vary in a home depending on the season and weather conditions, we can reliably measure it. NRD uses an "active" system to detect concentrations of radon or signs of its radioactive decay. These devices allow short-term testing without involving a laboratory. We also offer long-term testing. Learn more....
Active Radon Testing Device used by Northwest Radon Detection
IS SHORT-TERM TESTING OKAY?  Sure it is. We typically conduct short-term (two day) radon tests for our clients. It provides a quick window into property risk and can indicate a need for long-term testing (more than three months). Let us help you choose the best procedure. There's no cost or obligation to get advice from an industry professional. Call us.
WHAT'S IN A RADON REPORT? A bunch of numbers. The one we want is the average hourly amount of radon gas (measured in Pico Curies per Liter [pCi/L]) in your living space. Gathering radon, humidity, temperature and pressure data, we test for a mininum of 48 hours. According to the EPA, the average home has 1.3 pCi/L. Get above 2 pCi/L and further testing, perhaps a longer period or in another season, is recommended. Check out this Sample Radon Test Report.
"Northwest Radon Detection is my Go-To Company for radon screening. They know radon inside out."

Jim K, Associated Master Inspectors

WHERE IN A DWELLING DO YOU TEST? Since radon enters from under the home, experts know to test the lowest habitable point of a structure. Often this is a basement. Testing in kids' bedrooms in this area is particularly key. There are no symptoms of radon poisoning. Instead, with enough exposure, we can develop lung cancer. Those who smoke are at even higher risk from radon. See symptoms
WILL MY HOME HAVE RADON IF MY NEIGHBOR DOES NOT? Radon is very site specific. Your home can be radon-free while your neighbor has high levels of this deadly gas. It doesn't matter how far apart your structures. The size of a radon deposit and the makeup of the soil under your home are critical factors. The only way to know for sure, is to test -- perhaps more than once.
CAN I TRUST RADON TESTING? It depends. Active systems -- as opposed to a passive system -- offer a continuous read-out that cannot be manipulated. That's why Real Estate professionals rely on our detection service. We also offer long-term testing, which gives our Clients better information about year-round radon levels.  Call (503) 708-6408 Today.