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We believe in the utmost privacy at NRD.
Health Safety is our priority. We implement Covid Safety measures, including masks and disinfection.
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Northwest Radon Detection, LLC
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PRIVACY  Statement
Northwest Radon Detection safeguards the privacy of its Clients. Technicians will never divulge information about Client / Property, unless expressly authorized and documented by Client / Official Representative.
TERMS of Service
Northwest Radon Detection is certified through the National Radon Proficiency Program. We use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, which an NRD Technician will deliver and install. Testing Report will be available within a minimum of 48 hours. Longer-term testing will be determined by NDR in consultation with the Client. Radon Testing Technician will be available throughout the testing process and will help interpret the detailed report. Client is responsible for giving Technician access to property to be tested. We will invoice during the testing process. Payment can be made electronically through Credit / Debit. Cash and Check accepted on per-case basis.
Radon Testing by NW Radon Detection Oregon Washington
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