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SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT RADON? Short answer? YES! Every American should test for this radioactive gas that can get trapped in our living spaces and can cause lung cancer. Radon occurs naturally across the U.S. Testing for radon can be done quickly, and if your home needs mitigation, we can help with recommendations. Get more answers here.
MY NEIGHBOR TESTED: NO RADON. DO I NEED TO TEST?  Wish we could tell you to relax, but.... Radon gas is very site specific. Readings can change within a couple feet. We once tested the basements of a duplex and found different levels in each unit. Maybe there was a bigger deposit of uranium under one, or maybe nearby gas leached more into that unit. Our advice: Test your property. Don't rely on a neighbor's report. Don't rely on an old Radon Test.
IS PROFESSIONAL RADON DETECTION BETTER? Sure, but it's also more expensive, when compared to most DIY radon testing. But as your grandmother told you, "You get what you pay for, honey." By using Northwest Radon Detection, you get accurate, on-site (no lab needed) reports. Plus we'll interpret your results. Let us help give you No-Radon Peace of Mind in your home today: Call (503) 708-6408 and we'll talk schedules.
DOES A RADON TEST TAKE LONG TO SCHEDULE. Nope. Generally, we can set up an appointment within days of a homeowner's call. Northwest Radon Detection has a growing stable of state-of-the-art equipment at our Oregon headquarters. This lets us provide reliable service to many properties. Call (503) 708-6408 or Email NRD Today. We'll get your home tested ASAP.
NEED I BE PRESENT FOR A RADON TEST? Nope. Just arrange for property access and go about your day. We're licensed and insured. Our Radon Detectives are proven and trusted professionals. Learn more About Us. Of course, you can be in the home during testing. There is no danger to you or your children. We ask that the home be "closed" to outside environment (interior air circulation only) during short-term radon testing. Good to know: You can't disturb the process while the equipment gathers its dosimetry. 
HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED A SHORT- OR LONG-TERM RADON TEST?  Short-term tests are always a good start. Unless you know that your home has dangerous concentrations of radon gas -- perhaps from a previous test -- short term testing (typically two days) will suffice. Call us and we'll help you figure out your testing needs. More about Radon Testing.
IS ONE RADON TEST ENOUGH?  Could be. If the result of your Radon Test shows low levels of this radioactive gas (the EPA recommends concern if readings are between 2 and 4 pCi/L), you can adopt Peace of Mind. Still, we know that radon levels fluctuate daily and seasonally (they are typically higher in winter), so it's best to test further. The longer healthy lungs are exposed to radioactive decay the higher the risk of developing cancer. Learn more here.
HOW FAR WILL YOU TRAVEL TO TEST FOR RADON? Pretty far. We're based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, but we serve a radius of communities in the Greater Portland Area. We work with a series of Home Inspection and Real Estate Companies with widespread property testing needs. We'll comfortably include you and your home. Call (503) 708-6408 or email NRD today.
HOW & WHEN DO I PAY FOR MY RADON TESTING? Once we schedule a Home Radon Test, we send you an easy-to-understand bill, which is payable upon receipt. We accept most forms of payment, including Credit Card and PayPal. Note: Real Estate Professionals often incorporate our fee into their billing so Clients receive only one bill. With the bill payment comes your Radon Test results. Consultation on your radon findings is free. Got time to talk radon? Call us.
CAN I TRUST MY RADON TEST RESULTS?  You bet. Getting "right on your radon testing" is our motto. It's why we use equipment built on tried and true technology, produced by an industry leader. Our technicians (we call 'em Radon Detectives) are well trained and courteous and timely in their installation, testing and data retrieval. Using Bluetooth® (no charge), we can generate accurate on-site reports that we're happy to explain. Let's do some sleuthing!
"Reports are reader friendly and Ted is happy to answer any questions regarding the results. I definitely recommend [Northwest Radon Detection].”

Zack Ostrom, Oregon Realty Company