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That's us! On the job for Real Estate Professionals -- Home Inspectors & Realtors and You?
CAN I REALLY GET SAME-DAY RADON TESTING? Theoretically, yes! We have the capacity to test multiple properties for radon gas. We actually run ready for a last minute request. Our regular Real Estate clients enjoy such perks, including direct / monthly billing and the occasional after-hours consultation. Learn how....
HOW DO I SCHEDULE A RADON TEST? Contact us, quick like a bunny! If you're a new Client, we'll get the pertinent details: preferred timetable, property access and location, billing info, etc.  As needed, we'll talk about benefits of short-term versus long-term testing. Then, we'll go to work. We provide from-the-site Bluetooth® and PDF hard-copy reports and consultation about these results. Call (503) 708-6408 today.
DO YOU WORK WITH COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE? Sure, radon doesn't descriminate. It can contaminate a commercial building as well as a family dwelling, but people generally spend more time in a home. It's where they sleep. So, we test whatever for whoever contacts us -- even at the last minute -- needing reliable and accurate radon testing. We get right on radon detection, as our Testimonies reveal...
"I love working with Ted. He is reliable, friendly, always shows up on time and I can reach him outside of business hours."

Calle Holmgren, Inhabit Realty
"Ted has completed countless radon tests for my clients ... and is always prompt, professional and accommodating to my buyers and their inspection timeline."

Zack Ostrom, Oregon Realty Company

CAN WE TRUST YOUR WORK? Well, that's a solid YES. Company Owner & Lead Radon Detective Ted Bump is licensed through the National Radon Proficiency Program. His staff are also trained professionals sensitive to Client concerns and needs. Clients say about us....
HOW FAR WILL YOU TRAVEL? Pretty far. We're based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, but we serve a radius of communities in the Greater Portland Area. While in the field, we're always prepared for unscheduled same-day tests, so give us a try. You'll discover we're fast, reliable and well appreciated. Learn more about us.
HOW DO YOU BILL FOR RADON TESTING? We strive for simplicity. We bill the Client, not the Real Estate Professional. We accept most forms of payment, including PayPal. Another bonus: We have strong working partnerships with many Home Inspectors. So you can engage the services of an Inspector and an NRD Radon Detective and receive only one bill.
DOES SOMEONE NEED TO BE ON SITE WHILE YOU RADON TEST? You don't need to make time to be at the property while we do our radon testing. If your property is unoccupied and for sale, we can work with the Realtor to gain to access. If you're a Homeowner, you can decide which you prefer: We don't mind an audience or answering questions.
WHAT ABOUT THE  RADON TEST REPORT?  Once your testing period is completed, a report is automatically generated. We offer a Full Bluetooth® feature that allows our Radon Detectives to generate accurate and tamper-proof reports for your Smart Phone on-site. Clients also get a hardcopy/PDF of the report sent from the site, and a free consultation on findings.